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Dear young mothers,

At the age of sixteen years old I became pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. You see, I understand what you are going through from the moment you missed your first period, to going to the store to buy the pregnancy test, then seeing that the test was positive, then telling your boyfriend, and then having to tell your parents.  I remember that very moment when your entire life flashed before your very eyes.  All of your hopes and dreams GONE.

Well ladies, I am here to tell you that your life isn't over because you are having a baby. Your new life is just beginning.  You will need to work harder at your education goals, work harder at your professional goals, and work even harder at being the best mother that you can be.  Your greatest motivation in life now, is your baby, Your baby depends on you, your baby needs you, your baby loves you. You must build that strong foundation for you and your baby.

I am telling you from experience. My daughter has been my greatest motivation in life. Working harder in life has helped me achieve all of my goals; educational, professional and family goals, much sooner then I would have ever hoped.  Without my daughter, and my experience as a young mother I don't think that I would be who i am , nor where I am today.

If I can overcome the statistics, then you can overcome the statistics.

I established Absolute Angels Foundation, CDC in loving memory of my Angel "Alyssa Grace Hendrix."  Through her foundation you will have the chance to succeed and be the best mother that you can be.

Remember, with Faith in God, you will overcome any obstacle in life that you may face.

With so much love,

Alisha Hendrix

About AAF, CDC...

Absolute Angels Foundation, CDC is a nonprofit organization, founded in 2014 by Alisha Hendrix, owner of Absolute Bookkeeping Solutions. A portion of all proceeds from Absolute Bookkeeping Solutions goes to fund the Absolute Angels Foundation, CDC.

Through Absolute Angels Foundation, CDC at-risk pregnant teens will be educated on the importance of proper diet and nutrition during pregnancy.  In addition to educational services AAF will provide grocery assistance, and transportation assistance to/from doctor visits.  AAF partnered with other community development centers will also provide supportive services for pregnant and parenting teens.  These services will include housing assistance, job training, budget training and childcare assistance.

It is the goal for AAF to help pregnant and parenting teens to overcome the statistics that only 50% of parenting teens receive a high school diploma, with a much higher percentage of that never go to college, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Mission Statement... It is the mission of Absolute Angels Foundation to help young parenting mothers become educated , strong, dependable women in society.  We will encourage and help them to build a strong foundation for their future and the future of their children.

"Your Absolute Future, is our Absolute Goal"

A letter to the mothers...