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Don't have your Operating Authority? Need an Authority to transport under?  Team up with Absolute Trucking Solutions. ATS is always looking for Owner Operators to partner with. Our partnership will keep your truck on the road. Our partnership includes, dispatching services, and quality assurance for a small percentage of gross load payout. Discount administrative, bookkeeping, accounting and tax services provided to our partners.

Absolute Trucking Solutions is your one stop shop for all of your

trucking solutions. Whether you are a Owner Operator, own a fleet of trucks, or just getting started in the trucking business, ATS services will help you get on the road and keep you on the road. It is our main goal is to provide you with quality, knowledgeable services to assure that you stay in compliance with constant changing FMSCA guidelines. We provide administrative support, dispatch support, quality assurance and accounting support.

Our accounting and tax professionals can provide you with bookkeeping and accounting support, which allows you to concentrate on the road. Our professionals stay up to date with tax laws, assuring that you will receive all tax deductions when it comes for ATS to file your taxes.


  • Broker (Pending)
  • Dispatching
  • FMSCA Filing Services
  • Motor Carrier Services
  • BOC-3
  • UCR Filings
  • Permits
  • Quarterly IFTA Filings
  • Heavy Fuel Tax Filing (2290)
  • Taxes
  • Monthly Bookkeeping
  • Accounting Service
  • Insurance Assistance